Tips On How To Develop A Charismatic Personality

Tips On How To Embrace Your Personalit


I am very excited and honored to have a guest post by B. Lyttle. She is a freelance writer
and a self-development enthusiasts. She loves to spend her free time in mending her garden
and playing her 9-year old son. She lives in Plainwell, Michigan.

Haven’t you noticed how that colleague of yours has a good working relationship with
everyone, has a great social life and gets noticed everywhere? What does he have that you
don’t? Why is it that you don’t stand out or are as popular as him? The reason lies in his
personality. He has a charismatic personality. Now don’t confuse this with good looks.
Sure, looks are important but without charisma, they will only take you so far.


Tips On How To Embrace And Develop Your Personality:


1.  Be Genuinely Interested in Others – Showing a genuine interest in others is an art
and it has to be developed. How will people talk to you if you appear to be bored when
talking to them? Show your interest by asking them questions. Know what interests
them, their goals in life, their hobbies, interest in movies or music and others.


2.  Determine Your Life’s Goals –If you observe carefully, you will notice that most of
the strong personalities mold their life according to set goals. They determine what they
want and are not afraid to go after it. What is it that you want to do? Do you want to be
an entrepreneur or have a traveling job?  Set your goals and pursue them. When you do
this, you will find yourself one step closer to developing a charismatic personality.


3.  Be A Good Listener – Everyone you meet is a good talker but how many people (apart
from your mother) do you know who are good listeners? They are a rare breed. A good
listener makes you feel special and valued and the speaker will reciprocate the feelings.


4.  Be Aware of Your Faults – To develop a good personality, you must first identify
your faults, accept them and work to improve them. If your boss, family or friends
point out these faults, take them in the right spirit. You are human, after all! You can’t
be perfect, can you? This only makes you a more endearing person.


5.  Have a Funny Bone – Don’t always be serious. Learn to enjoy life and take things
with a pinch of salt. Be ready with humorous quotes and one-liners that will keep
people entertained when you are in a party.


6.  Be Honest – Honesty is one of the most valued traits in people and if you are honest
and open with others, you will be appreciated. People like associating with honest
people. It makes you a likeable person and adds to your charm.


7.  Develop A Well-Rounded Personality – You can become a well-rounded persona by
widening your experience. Read more, learn languages, watch movies, go surfing or
karting, learn cooking and do all those things that you would love to do. It makes your
personality well rounded and lively.



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